Solutions for Retail and Logistics

Adoption of AI-driven intelligent automation in the retail and logistics domains opens up entirely new ways of doing business that can increase operational agility, improve the quality and speed of decision-making, and enhance the customer experience.

Demand Planning

AI helps retailers understand exactly how their supply chain is operating, make improvements throughout and eliminate waste and overhead.

In order to maintain healthy satisfaction levels and avoid opportunity cost due to stockouts, retailers tend to overstock, and later course correct which leads to under-stocking, resulting in product wastage and financial loss. Traditionally, retailers have only been able to roughly estimate the quantities of products to order to keep shelves fully stocked using inventory levels and historical sales data.

But today, AI can deliver an accurate picture of the types of products, quantities, variants etc that are likely to sell, by looking at multiple scenarios in real time and by drawing on current data. Demand planning no longer needs to be stab-in-the-dark guesswork. AI technology helps retailers improve demand planning through intelligent forecasting.

krtrimaɪQ helps retailers deploy AI technologies including predictive analytics, non-linear regression, pattern matching, and autonomous ML, to better predict demand and avoid poor forecasting outcomes like overstocking, product obsolescence, and lost sales. We understand that demand planning is the backbone of all retail success, and use AI to empower retailers with superior demand planning accuracy. We help build powerful demand forecasting platforms infused with the latest innovations in AI and predictive analytics.

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Road Safety

AI technologies can be applied to enable the better detection of road traffic disturbances and other related issues in real-time, thus avoiding accidents, ensuring driver safety, and on-time completion of journeys.

Predicting accidents is a critical aspect of road safety whereby it allows precautionary measures to be taken to avoid accidents. However, constantly changing road/ traffic conditions and anomalies complicate accident prediction. Thankfully, AI and data analysis can now provide new opportunities for traffic management centers to obtain a more accurate and real-time view of road conditions and disruptions as they occur.

krtrimaɪQ uses AI to help build a tailored road safety management solution that can recognize anomalies, monitor driver behavior and driving style, and identify traffic disturbances, obstacles etc.

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Traffic Violation Prevention

The use of AI technology to scan the environment and takes action to check traffic violations and enable road and driver safety can transform the way we live.

krtrimaɪQhelps enterprises build and deploy AI-powered advanced driver-assistance systems that are a key component of autonomous driver platforms, as well as solutions that help detect and alert for bad road conditions, detection of obstructions, pedestrians, etc. based on camera-based vision, driver drowsiness detection, driver warning in case of a violation and much more.

Telematics technology collects on-board information from the vehicle about everything from acceleration and braking inputs, to average velocity and direction, to route preferences. Combined with the processing power of AI, and taking into account other factors like GPS patterns, road and traffic conditions, accident-prone areas, and even the effects of adverse weather conditions, insurance companies are able to assess how good, or bad, a driver their customer is.

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