Solutions for Intelligent Manufacturing

Adoption of AI-driven intelligent automation in the retail and logistics domains opens up entirely new ways of doing business that can increase operational agility, improve the quality and speed of decision-making, and enhance the customer experience.

Intelligent Customer Support

Customer support has become a key differentiator in almost every industry, but especially for manufacturers because of the post-sales support, product maintenance, upgrades etc. involved.

For manufacturing companies, it has become imperative to use customer support as a differentiator, because repeat business comes from satisfied customers. AI-powered tools like virtual assistants and chatbots automate and scale responses to customer support requests, which dramatically cuts business expenses and improves customer satisfaction. AI technology helps customer support tools gather and extract data, patterns, learn and adapt to new things or environments through machine intelligence, learning and speech recognition.

krtrimaɪQ uses AI to enhance customer support for manufacturing companies by enabling customer support teams to rapidly process vast amounts of data understand the situation and history of a customer, helping customer service agents to respond accurately. Moreover, with intelligent automated tools working without requiring to stop, customer assistance is actually available 24/7 across all channels.

What’s exciting is that customer support becomes truly intelligent with cognitive technology that can recognize negative emotional states such as customer moods, especially frustration or anger in customer queries. Chatbots can then respond with accurate, automated answers that are designed to quickly resolve routine customer support issues. AI-enabled virtual assistants can converse in multiple languages and utilize natural language, making handover between human agents and virtual assistants a seamless exercise. They can also collect data that can give valuable insights into customer needs and free up human employees to work on more complicated tasks.

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Inventory Optimization

By applying AI technologies to the data coming in from manufacturing process, manufacturers have additional insights they can use to improve operational efficiencies, minimize waste and reduce inventory.

AI algorithms help optimize manufacturing supply chains by stimulating market demand ahead of time. By taking a variety of parameters into account like location, weather patterns, and socioeconomic conditions, AI algorithms can forecast market demand accurately that helps manufacturing firms optimize their inventory. The primary goal of an AI-powered inventory optimization system is to provide customers with the correct product, at the correct location, at the correct time with automated inventory management.

KrtrimaIQ’s AI experts help build intelligent inventory optimization tools that can automatically adjust inventory levels to precisely meet the changing customer demands. This results in improving service levels, decreasing costs, and increasing inventory turnover. Manufacturers can autonomously monitor purchase orders to maintain inventory without over or under-stocking.

Our machine learning algorithms can help manufacturers automate refilling requests and optimize supply chains. You can easily hand over your inventory management and supply chain decisions to AI-based applications. We even design AI-powered tools that can send out repurchase order in real-time when there is an inventory drop. This eliminates any chance of manual error that occurs while checking bulk data as AI provides more accurate results.

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