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Intelligent Automation

Automation is transforming most enterprises by adding an extra layer of agility to their end-to-end operations. This AI-driven transformation is undoubtedly helping enterprises become smarter and do business better. Employees are using automation to free-up their time to apply their skills to innovation and business growth rather than mundane tasks. But building this extra layer of AI to simplify business processes requires planning and domain experience. Our specialty lies in redefining the complexity involved in AI, making it simpler, yet powerful in all aspects.

With an unparalleled expertise in AI-powered automation, our experts are focused on helping your organization move closer to perfection through services including:

Robotic Process Automation

Enjoy the efficiency of robotic solutions that automate routine, rule-based processes, work more efficiently and with lower risks than humans. We help deploy Robotic Process Automation without altering your existing IT infrastructure and systems, thus reducing implementation risk and cost.

Use Cases

Cognitive Process Automation

Build systems that can effectively replicate human actions, learn new tasks, and understand multiple contexts. Our services are delivered by a talented team of data scientists and big data engineers with years of experience in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Predictive Analytics. We can help you to embed intelligence into the existing applications or automate processes/tasks that could not have been automated with traditional technologies.

krtrimaɪQ helps enterprises define their automation strategy, roadmap, selection of technology, prioritization of processes, and implementation of the same.