Power Your Enterprise with Our Cognitive Solutions

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AI-based cognitive tools and technologies help enterprises automate manual processes that could not be automated with traditional ERP/CRM/Web technologies. They also help in gaining insights that could not be obtained with traditional statistical and predictive analytics algorithms and tools.

krtrimaɪQ brings in a fresh perspective to process automation and business analytics by unleashing the power of images, videos, text/documents and audio or speech.

Natural Language Processing

We specialize in Natural Language Processing technology that enables machines to understand and comprehend what customers speak and write, interpret their sentiments, and take relevant actions on the basis of this understanding.

Use Cases
  • Topic Modeler
  • Content moderation and Personalisation
  • Language Translation
  • Finding new business/customers using social media data

Computer Vision

This involves image-processing algorithms to understand the content of an image, classify it, detect individual objects and faces within images, and read printed words in the images.

Use Cases
  • Product and content discovery
  • Surveillance systems
  • Logo-based social listening
  • Detection of Copyright/IP violations

Speech Recognition

Speech services can convert spoken audio into text or written text into natural sounding audio, enable the use of voice for verification, speaker recognition and much more.