NextGen Business Intelligence and Visualizations

Today winning companies are those that can take advantage of the information but also turn them into insights. Insights that are real-time and actionable, rapid and agile, predictive and personalized, and business-friendly and easy to consume.

Companies today compete to find new opportunities, create game-changing phenomena and discover possibilities. A NextGen business intelligence blueprint built around the following capabilities — High performance and predictive analytics, master data management, visual analytics, enterprise performance management, new age information fabric, etc.

Many companies struggle to deal with this new age information ecosystem due to multiple challenges like — Lack of information strategy, business, technology, and people alignment.

krtrimaIQ NextGen BI Feature Dashboards:

Smart Narratives

Get customizable key insights, charts, dashboards, or data through natural language text and voice. Smart narratives show sales and timeline analysis, this visualization allows for creating quick insights in the dashboard. The smart narratives allow users to focus on particular insights by cross-filtering visuals on the page.

Natural Language Q&A

Natural Language Q&A feature allows you to explore the data through business questions either in text or voice and get answers back in charts, insights, text, or voice. Users can ask questions in natural language and get answers in report visuals, slicers, text, bar charts, etc.

Dynamic Attributes

Dynamic attributes enable you to add your model and create custom logic, allowing you to change measures, axes, legends, and charts dynamically. This enables the users' analysis of multiple KPIs along various dimensions with simple and intuitive visuals

Timeline Analysis

The visualization shows year to year, quarter on quarter, custom time period, and full and partial year/quarter analysis. Users measure total revenue, sales, customers, and in-stock quarter-on-quarter insights.


Infographic BI brings new visual possibilities in dashboards with use of use meaningful images and emojis on charts instead of traditional visuals. Through the infographic visuals, you can represent your bars and columns with custom visuals, graphics, images, etc.

Root Cause & Key Driver Analysis

Root cause analysis is a process of discovering the root cause of a problem and fully understanding how to fix, compensate, and systematically prevent future issues and repeat successes. Key driver analysis tells you the derived importance of potential drivers and customer behavior.

Time Series

Time series helps you in exploring and analyzing major patterns such as trends, seasonality, cyclicity, and irregularity. The time series BI is used for various applications such as economic forecasting, census analysis, stock market analysis, and so on.

Demand Forecasting

The nextgen BI plays a pivotal role in making strategies and taking correct measures based on data. Demand forecasting is an essential function of demand planning, estimating future customer demand over a defined period, and predicting outcomes based on historical data and other information.

Text Analytics

Text analytics uses AI-based technologies for deeper analysis, it helps businesses to understand the sentiments and determine key phrases in the given text. Sentiment analysis uses NLP that identifies the emotional tone behind the body of text. Key phrase extraction review text and returning extract key phrases.

NextGen BI help in business

Companies across the world use their data to improve efficiency and productivity, identify new revenue streams, and reduce operational and business risks. These growing use cases are expanding regardless of company size. Analytics platforms display fancy dashboards and user interfaces, which are visually appealing and powerful to make BI accessible and user-friendly.

The NextGen BI focused on making data more consumable, accessible, and easy to understand by giving power to the business hands. krtrimaIQ NextGen BI Solutions transform your organizational data into intelligent findings that help in taking the right decisions at the right time.

Most businesses now prefer real-time insights to make decisions fast and accurately. Business users today fully automate business intelligence systems and get data insights without requiring large data science teams.