Intelligent Enterprise

Latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition, such as chatbots and digital assistants are changing the human-machine interface significantly and could have a major impact on enterprise business applications that currently use GUI (Graphical User Interface) for all user inputs. While GUI itself is undergoing phenomenal changes to improve user experience, text or voice-based interfaces can further enrich user experience dramatically.

These new interfaces could open up new channels of interaction between users and enterprise through social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp or other messaging platforms such as Slack, Skype.

GUI are more of one-way transactional input and do not have any built-in intelligence. On the other hand, digital assistants and chatbots are conversational, enabling natural interaction between users and applications – just like the interactions between two human beings. This can make business applications more context aware, intelligent and responsive to customers in real time. Hence, most of the existing GUI interfaces could be replaced with these conversational interfaces going forward.

Cognitive Process Automation (CPA)) developments can make underlying business processes smarter and intelligent. They can be made adaptive to external changes or self-healing in case of failures. Existing processes will be re-engineered to make use of CPA technologies.

Historically, business operations applications and business intelligence/analytics applications have been developed in two different silos. With these new AI developments, boundaries between silos can collapse, and there could be a seamless integration of these two sets of applications.

Collaboration between enterprise partner ecosystems will get seamless providing greater value to customers. For example, a bank providing home loans can collaborate with real estate developers to help their customers find a suitable home, at the right price and extend the loan. This whole value chain could be seamless for the customers without having to deal with multiple enterprises.

All these developments could have a major impact on business/IT including infrastructure, application and technology architectures. AI developments can offer smarter security solutions to safeguard against increased security risks to infrastructure, data and user privacy, as well as vulnerability towards external hacking.

Platforms like IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein can enable implementation of these intelligent applications, making enterprises smarter and more intelligent.