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krtrimaIQ Natural Language Generation in BI Blog

Natural Language Generation in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence uses data analytics and visualizations to help organizations make data-driven decisions. Traditionally, BI tools used a variety of visualizations to represent data collected in domains like finance, ...

krtrimaIQ Open-Source NLP Datasets Blog

Open-Source Datasets for NLP

Natural Language Processing is a branch of artificial intelligence that gives computers the capability to comprehend, generate, process, and manipulate textual information. NLP combines computational linguistics and ...

krtrimaIQ Algorithmic Trading Blog

Discover the Secrets of Algorithmic Trading

The stock market is a vast ocean of data with over a million trades being punched in every second, around the world. In this ocean, there are the whales – institutional investors, and the small fish – retail investors ...

krtrimaIQ Deploying Node Packages Blog

Deploying Node Packages to GitHub Packages

Node.js is one of the most popular backend frameworks that is used extensively for developing web applications and APIs. Like Python, Node.js can call upon a wide variety of libraries and packages hosted by ...

krtrimaIQ Data Architectures Blog

Evolution of Data Architectures

The separation of data from business operations and various analytical workloads (BI, Data Science, Cognitive Solutions, etc.) is as old as IT systems and business applications are. As analytical workloads are resource intensive...

krtrimaIQ NextGen BI Blog

NextGen Business Intelligence and Visualization

Today winning companies are those that can take advantage of the information but also turn them into insights. Insights that are real-time and actionable, rapid and agile, predictive and personalized, and business-friendly and ...


Conversational Platforms

Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human-machine interface technologies are manifesting themselves in various forms within the enterprise as well as in consumer space...


Intelligent Enterprise

Latest developments in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Speech Recognition, such as chatbots and digital assistants are changing the human-machine interface significantly...


Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Enterprise

From mainframe era to today’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), new technology waves keep coming up every few years.


Type of Problems that AI can solve

Object recognition and detection as in the case of face recognition (including emotions), classifying loan applications into eligible and not eligible...


Myths & Concerns on AI Developments

There are many concerns and myths around the progress of Artificial Intelligence. Listed below are some of...


Why is AI taking off now?

As explained section 5, AI has gone thru ups and downs in its history. It has regained the momentum in the past few years due to the...


Current Limitations of AI

Though AI has made significant progress in the recent past, it has its own limitations like all other past approaches to making machines intelligent.


Human Learning Vs Machine Learning

There has been lot of debate on whether machines surpass human intelligence soon. To understand how much merit is in this statement, we should understand how humans learn...


Problems facing IT Services Companies

Of late there have been many news items in the press on layoffs in IT services companies. Main reason attributed for this is automation, machine learning and AI developments taking away jobs! ...


Digital Transformation & Elements of Disruption

I was on a panel discussion recently at Microsoft Digital Transformation conference, addressing CxO community from Indian Industry on the state of digital transformation in India...