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Analytics as a Service

Organizations often don’t have the necessary infrastructure and talent to derive value out of their big data assets. They may not have the adequate capex to spend on such an infrastructure, and even if they do have capital, talent may be lacking.

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) from krtrimaɪQ is the solution you can tap into. In its simplest form, you provide access to the data (residing on-premise or cloud), we perform necessary analytics and provide the insights we derive from your data, with possible actions that you could take, for an opex fee on a pay- as- you- go basis.

This can be extended to leverage external open source data such as weather, stock market, social media data that can be combined with your enterprise data to derive larger value to the organization.

It can also be extended to “managed analytics services” to provide all the analytics services that you need on ongoing basis. This can be achieved with a dedicated team put together for you, or can be a shared resource pool that can reduce the idle time and associated costs for you.