Fast Track Your AI Journey with Our AI Application COE

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AI Application COE

AI is a broad set of technologies, and enterprises adopt to these technologies over a period of time. Starting point could be any of these broader technologies such as Data Analytics, Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, or Computer Vision based on their business priorities.

An AI Application Centre of Excellence (CoE) helps organizations centralize AI resources and initiatives to drive adoption of AI across the enterprise. AI experts at krtrimaɪQ help you prioritise the adoption of these technologies, select suitable tools and technologies and bring in best practices of developing such a talented team. Our own AI practice focused approach enables us to share our expertise with customers, and assure them of AI-driven value with clear goals, a roadmap to achieve them and the expertise to leverage those successes.

We help you:

  • Create a vision for AI COE
  • Identify business-driven use-cases
  • Develop required AI competencies and talent
  • Determine the level of integration required with other enterprise applications
  • We can provide the team, help you acquire the team or mix of both

We help you leverage AI Application CoE to drive innovation, growth, select the right AI initiatives, and guide AI integration.