Develop your AI Strategy and Roadmap
with Our AI Advisory Services

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AI Advisory Services

Depending on the domain, size and maturity of the enterprise, understanding of what AI means to the organization varies significantly. Our team of AI experts work as your business partner to demystify AI, and help you understand the benefits and risks, various AI technologies can bring to your business across the value chain.

We then help you define required competencies, skills, processes and best practices that will transform and innovate the way you operate in a digital age. We will also help you to prioritize identified applications based on business impact, and chalk out implementation road map.

Our AI Advisory services cover the following:

AI Assessment

We first understand your existing business objectives, opportunities, imperatives, challenges, ongoing initiatives, and current IT systems and data sources in place to assess the current level of AI maturity in the organization.

AI Strategy

We will develop an AI strategy by mapping functions across the value chain of your organization to various AI technologies, identify potential AI applications, and develop business case with cost benefit analysis.

Objectives of an AI strategy include:

  • Redefine business strategy to protect the enterprise from potential business disruptions driven by evolving technology
  • Transform the transactional enterprise to an Intelligent Enterprise
  • Deliver assisted, augmented and autonomous intelligence
  • Develop Cognition, Data Analytics, Intelligent Automation and Big Data Management competencies
AI Implementation Roadmap

Based on the AI strategy we create a time-bound implementation roadmap consisting of the organization structure, processes, frameworks, best practices and prioritization of AI applications based on business impact.