Our Story

AI – powered services and solutions for enabling the Intelligent Enterprise

Since 2018

AI-driven technology has brought about a fourth Industrial Revolution. From simply supporting business and lending a helping hand, AI has evolved into playing a critical role in driving business growth, and paralleling human experts.

We believe that AI is not just a technology any more. It has become a transformation agent across business enterprises and our daily lives. Already, AI-powered technologies have changed the way intelligent enterprises sense customer preferences, think and analyze paradigm shifts in business environment, as well as how they act on these insights.

krtrimaɪQ is an agile start-up, with the attitude and power of an enterprise, focused on applying data science and AI to build the Intelligent Enterprise. Our technology expertise spans industries and technology domains including Robotic/Cognitive Process Automation, Big Data, Statistical Analysis and Optimization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

In Sanskrit “krtrima” means “artificial”, IQ is the intelligent quotient.


Why krtrimaɪQ?

  1. Hands on Leadership with experience of delivering similar solutions at scale to global enterprises across industry domains.
  2. One stop shop: Data to Decisions
  3. Value of enterprise scale with agility of a start up
  4. AI consulting powered by some of the best minds in the industry
  5. Partnerships with technology vendors - Automation Anywhere, Neo4j, Almawiz, BigML, Manipal Technologies
  6. State of the art algorithms, frameworks and APIs for high quality fast track implementation
  7. Proven methodology and AutoML framework driven delivery
  8. Assured quality, reliability and productivity
  9. Experienced and certified AI consultants

Our Philosophy


Democratization of powerful AI technology by making it affordable, easy to comprehend, and adaptable by every enterprise irrespective of size, industry and geography.


To become a trusted adviser and partner to our customers, and help them become Intelligent Enterprise with a promise of assured business outcomes and value addition.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Transparency

Leadership Team

krtrimaɪQ hires best in class talent, with right qualifications and experience to meet our customer needs. We have right mix of data science, engineering and technology skills to provide best in class solutions

Srinivasa Rao Poladi
Founder and CEO
Sridhar Srinivasan
Advisory Services
Uma Hariharan
Big Data Analytics
Dr. Hyma Gollamudi
Business Analytics